Instructions to Beauty Spots
Inside landscape
Instructions to Beauty Spots
Inside landscape
Instructions to Beauty Spots
Landscape in village
Instructions to Beauty Spots
Garden culture
Goose feather band
Instructions to Beauty Spots
Museum treasures
       Baiyangdian—5A national tourism site locates in Anxin county, Hebei province, on the borders of Beijing, Tianjin an Shijiazhuang, each apart from these three places about 150 km covering an area of 366 sq. km. Here is called “west lake in the north” since the ancient time, and now it has the reputation of “pearl of north China”. It is also praised as “south of the Yangtze River in the north” in poems and “a land flowing with milk and honey” in songs, so many emperors came here. Also “Lotus Shallow Lake School”(a school of poem) came into being here, brave Goose Plume (a possecomitatus in Anti-Japanese War) solders combated successfully here, and “Little Solder Zhang Ga” was brought up here......
    Anxin county lies in the middle part of Hebei province, between 38°43′-39°02′north latitude and 115°38′-116°07′east longitude. Belonging to warm and temperate continental monsoon climate, it covers a total area of 738.6, with one second as water area. There are 3 townships and 9 towns in the county under which there among them 100,000 people coming from
water areas. Except for Han nationality, there are 14 minorities, such as Meng, Hui, Wei, Miao, Zhuang, etc. As the county government is in the town, Anxin is the centers of politics, economy, culture and communication in the county. It situates on the borders of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang—162 km apart from Beijing in the north, 159 km apart from Tianjin in the east and 187 km apart from Shijiazhuang in the southwest with......
Baiyangdian landscape observation platform
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◇ Local and Special Products  
   Tea Texture Preserved Eggs
Salted Duck Egg       Smoked Fish
Red and White Lotus Seed      River Crab
Lotus Root      Cleome
◇ Art crafts 
Reed craft painting — Beautiful deer
Reed craft painting — See the Sea
Reed craft painting — Three Mesias
eed craft painting —— night makeup
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   Brief Introduction to Goose
Plume Possecomitatus
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